The LTEF extends it sincere thanks to those families and community members who support the LTEF through direct donations. More than 95% of funds raised go directly to our children, our schools, and education in Lebanon Township. The success of the LTEF would not be possible without the generosity of our community.

2011 Hundred Squared Donors

2015/2016 Donors

The Anhorn Family               The Ansbach Family       Hunterdon Endodontics      

The Avallone Family             The Barkman Family       The Benitez Family

The Brogan Family                The Brynildsen Family    The Chen Family

Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Cole     The Denis Family            The Doyle Family

The Dunleavy Family            The El-Zahr Family          The Frabbroni Family

The Felts Family                   The Guzzino Family         David & Cindi Harper

Jonathan & Janelle Harper   Kyle & Lauren Kokoskie   The Korfin Family

The Kuhn Family                  Lilypad Farm LLC             The Mackey Family

The Mapagapo Family         The Mankiewich Family    The Ogorzalek Family

Brandon Staten & Sharon Pojedinec                             The Hogan Family

The Uss Family                    Hall Tree Farm                  The Steidle Family

The Sullivan Family             The Thall Family                The Truempy Family

Michael D. Walsh               Hannah J. Walsh                Christine R. Walsh

Mike Walsh                        Kathleen Walsh                   The Wilhelms Family




2013/2014 Donors

The Ansbach Family          The Avallone Family            The Axelsen Family                            

The Barkman Family          Alexis and Mark Boyce       The Brynildsen Family                       

Erin & Michael Brogan    The Carey Family                  J.S. Chandel                              

The Ciculya Family               The Confortini Family                         

Robyn Davidson & John Swider                                      The Doyle Family                          

Kory and Kirk Edwards        Caroline & Kate Egan       Michael& Marianne Etheridge    

The Fabbroni Family            Abigail & Serafina Roppolo       Donna and Len Guzzino              

The Hanlon Family               David and Cindi Harper              Jonathan Harper                           

Janelle Harper                      The Hutter Family                      Allison and Peter Hyland          

Scott and Stacy Jones         The Kramer Family                     The Lenzinger Family                   

Allison & J. Scot Mikulski     Glenn and Kristin Mackey         The Mangione Family                   

Rebecca Melick & Joshua Bryan                                               The Parish Family                                  

Brandon Staten & Sharon Pojedinec                         Renaissance Building Products, Inc.

The Roll Family                       Annette Schettino                      The Schroeter Family                          

Keith & Liliya Steidle               The Ken Steiner Family       Frank & Phyllis Sullivan                         

Micahel Tecza                           Sara & Allison Varga                  Mike D. Walsh                                                 

Hannah J. Walsh                     Christine R. Walsh                     Lisa Waseleski                                                   

Michael & Debra Wellet           The Wenger Family                   The Wilhelms Family                                    

Jackson & Mitchell Willett                                                               Lynn Marie Wyer      

                  In Honor of Dana Weiss (teacher)           In Honor of Diane Sinclair (teacher)                                 


2012 Hundred Squared Donors

Lisa & Thomas Roll
Liliya & Keith Steidle
Laura & George Wilhelms
Michele Korfin
Sue Hostler
Andrea Anhorn
The Walsh Family (Christopher & Marcia)
A. Confortini Plumbing & Heating
Brandon Staten & Sharon Pojedinec
The Avallone Family (Nicholas & Jessica)
Allison & J. Scot Mikulski
Kenneth Steiner
Glenn & Kristin Mackey (honor of Helen Mulligan)
Kerrie & Robert Garcia
Frank & Phyllis Sullivan
Michael & Marianne Etheridge
George Keller & Sons, LLC