The LTEF extends it sincere thanks to those families and community members who support the LTEF through direct donations. More than 95% of funds raised go directly to our children, our schools, and education in Lebanon Township. The success of the LTEF would not be possible without the generosity of our community.

2011 Hundred Squared Donors

Adam & Lisa Ambielli
The Avallone Family
The Axelsen Family
Deborah Baker
Kristine Baker (in memory of Melissa Lynn)
The Barkman Family
Sheldia & Daniel Bernstein
Alexis & Mark Boyce
Erin and Michael Brogan
Donald and Liz Burns
The Caufield Family
The Clemens Family
The Confortini Family
Christine Moncada Cousin
The Crail Family
The Czirok Family
Elena & Erin Eberle
The Egan Family
The El-Zahr Family
Dara & Craig Englert
The Evanko Family
The Fabbroni Family
The Flatley Family
Jennifer Fosburgh
Anne Gabrielle (in honor of Joey, Matt, & Cassie)
Kerrie and Bob Garcia
The Greenman Family
Chris & Leslie Hann
The Harper Family – David, Cindi, Jonathan & Janelle
The Hollenbach Family
The Hostler Family
Allison and Peter Hyland
Sean & Susan Kelly
The Kokoskie Family
The Kuhn Family
Anne & Paul Mankiewich
Bill & Kara Martin
The McGlynn Family
The McGreevy Family
The Mikulski Family
The Moffet Family
The Newgarde Family
Warren & Karen Newman
Brian & Jill O’Brien
The Ogorzalek Family
The Parish Family
Brandon Staten & Sharon Pojedinec
The Polizzano Family
The Ranallo Family
Michael & Francis Ratsimor
Paul & Jillian Ritchie
The Roncoroni Family
Abigail Roppolo
Serafina Roppolo
The Schroeter Family
The Schultze Family
Jocelyn & Kyle Sell
Michael & Cynthia Smith
Keith & Liliya Steidle
The Steiner Family
Adam & Julianne Targan
Mark Twain
Victoria & Bruce Vakiener
Donald & Sally Varga
Anthony & Luz Vassiliades
The Vavrek Family
Michael Walsh
Christine Walsh
Hannah Walsh
The Walsh Family
The Webb Family
Michael & Debra Wellet
The Wilhelms Family
Neil Grossman & Nancy Wolff
Woodglen Publishing LLC
Craig & Elaina Young
The Zatika Family